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Episode 30 “Ask These Questions”

Over the past few weeks I have listened to your questions and in Episode 30 I discuss one of the most frequently asked…How do I know when my kid is having a problem?   Join me as I discuss an article that lists the 14 questions to ask our kids… many of these can apply to...

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Episode 29 “Too Soft”

A high school in Ohio just announced it will be removing the valedictorian and salutatorian awards from graduations as part of their overall effort to improve student wellness. Rather then use these labels, the school is moving to a more broader based award system, similar to colleges, that award multiple students, rather than 2, based...

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Episode 28 “Feel Your Way”

It is OK to not be OK…and that is what we discuss on Episode 28. Our title is taken from a recent campaign by Burger King to push this same narrative during Mental Health Awareness month offering new boxed meals available in a wide range of feelings. As they put it, sometimes, we’re not happy,...

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Episode 27 “ADHD Diet”

ADHD has been a complicating disease to get at the root of when trying to figure out what causes or aggravates some of its symptoms. A large debate has formed int he field around whether or not diet can have any affects on the behavior of the disease. While research supports both sides of the...

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Episode 26 “Boomerang Kids”

Did you know that kids are more likely to come back home to live in their parents home then previously before? In fact, 31% of young adults from 18-38 are living on their own compared to 62% back in the 1960s? Why are more young adults “boomeranging” home, and what is the effect on their...

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Episode 25 “Talk About It”

Episode 25 is part two of our conversation about the rise of suicide and how we should approach this topic with our kids. On today’s show “Talk About It” we discuss how to bring up the topic of suicide with younger children and what those conversations should look like depending on their age. Using an...

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Episode 24 “The Mind Gets Sick”

With more reports coming out showing suicide on the rise, these next two episodes will be dedicated to this topic, in particular relating to how we get kids to 1) talk about how they feel before it gets to suicide or suicidal thoughts and 2) how to talk to young people directly about suicide. On...

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Episode 23 “Pollution & Psychosis”

Pollution of our environment, in particular our air, has been on the rise over the past decade and its negative effects on our physical health well documented.  Recently, more evidence has come out suggesting pollution may negatively affect mental health by increasing depressive and psychotic episodes.   This new work ties into reports published over the...

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