Episode 6: “Bullying Research” ft. Dr. Kelly Lynn Mulvey

Bullying can come in many different forms. Sometimes, kids bother others on the playground, in the halls at school or even online on social media sites, in email, and in text messages. About one in every four kids at school has reported being bullied. Experts estimate that about one out of every seven kids in...

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Episode 7: “Social Media Lonely” ft. Dr. Melissa Hunt

Welcome to another episode of The Better Mental Health for Kids and Parents podcast.  On today’s show we discuss the affects of social media on mental health and bring on Dr. Melissa Hunt,  the Associate Director of Clinical Training in the Department of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania.  In addition to having an active...

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Episode 8: “Being Brave”

On today’s show we talk about a topic that I think is really important to a healthy mindset and something that should really be taught and reinforced while kids are young….bravery.   In today’s world of parenting we have become so protective of our children, we never ever want them to feel any sort of discomfort...

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Episode 9: “Holiday Wellness”

Remember the time when we counted down the days until Christmas arrived? Remember when the holiday season was a stress free, joyous time of smiling and celebrating with those we love? What happened to that feeling as we got older? How did the holiday season become so stressful and such a source of negative energy...

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Episode 10: “2019 Mental Goals”

Every year should be better than the next. Often we hear of people making New Year’s resolutions that revolve around physical improvement or betterment. This year I propose all of us make mental health a primary focus and make some small goals to live every day with our mental health in mind. On today’s show...

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Episode 11: “Discipline Dont’s”

Disciplining children is one of the most researched and sought out topics by parents looking for better ways to teach right from wrong. Over the course of time, parents are now less inclined to use physical punishment on their children, but yelling has remained a routine method of discipline in the household today. Recently the...

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