Episode 0: “Introduction”

This episode will be an introduction to who I am, what the show will be, and why it was created.  Each show will be published early Sunday morning and last approximately 15-20 minutes.  When the topics demand more discussion or if a guest is brought on for an interview, the shows will longer.  On each...

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Episode 1: “We Are Suffering”

It is time for an intervention, so lets get it over with on the first episode. On Episode 1 we are going to have an intervention together and talk about the reality that is mental disease.  During this show we will discuss the inevitability of mental disease, and how we should approach ourselves and our children...

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Episode 2: “Anxious Humans”

Anxiety is one of the most prevalent mental disorders and the numbers in children have been increasing over the past years.  Anxiety is a complex issue and on this podcast we will discuss this topic frequently.  To begin our discussion, this episode will focus on what anxiety is, why our brains are wired to be...

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Episode 3: “Mindfulness Matters” ft Samara Zelniker

The practice of mindfulness is one of the simplest ways to help lead a more mentally healthy life.  While the techniques of mindfulness can be quite simple and attainable for kids and humans of all ages, it does require discipline and some help from the people around you.  I have found personally that practicing mindfulness...

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Episode 4: “Screen Time”

Screen time, that is, how much time someone spends in front of a TV screen or device is one of the most discussed and arguably controversial subjects in the world of parenting today, screen time. While there have been numerous studies out there looking at smaller scale studies, a very recent study looking at the...

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Episode 5: “Family First”

Nowadays spending quality time with family is becoming more rare than ever do to a more hectic work life for both parents.  Research has shown that over the past three decades, family time at the dinner table and family conversation in general has declined by more than 30%. Families with children under the age of...

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