Episode 21 “CBD Oil”

Marijuana use for therapeutic purposes has been an intense area of research for decades now. Recently, this theory has extended to mental disease, with the focus on Cannabidiol (CBD), as the holy grail for relieving anxiety and depression. The beauty of CBD is that it can elicit an effect on our brain, without causing the “high” you get after smoking marijuana. That high comes from THC, not CBD, and that is why it is so powerful as a therapeutic. On today’s show we discuss CBD, what it is, why it can be useful in helping with mental disease, and what the data says. Enjoy!

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Episode 16 “Brain Reset”

When our computers or phones freeze up or get stuck in a loop, sometimes a “Reset” is all it needs to get things back on track. The same logic applies for our brains. Sometimes, especially in children, the brain can get stuck in a loop, and if this loop is instructing a bad behavior or poor focus, the brain will keep going and going…so what can we do? We can perform a brain reset. Join me on today’s episode as I explain this concept and talk about some easy ways this can be achieved and utilized at home and in school.