About Us

The Story Behind Our Podcast


The Better Mental Health Kids and Parents podcast focuses on relevant topics in mental health and their impact on the way we as a society behave.  Every week Dr. Fasano will discuss how issues affect the brains of children (young and old), their development, and how the adults in their life can help and affect the outcome. On this show we will discuss the following topics:

1.  How the brain works, and why we feel the ways we feel.

2.  Communication, why we are losing it, and how to regain it.  

3.  Technology (phones, computers etc..) and their affects on our brains and mental health.

4.  Common fears and anxieties of young children and their parents and educators.

5.  Depression, sadness, and suicide.

6.  Bullying, social media, self- esteem.

7.  Tools, tips, and tactics to promote better health at home and in school. 

Show Host

Christopher Fasano, Ph.D.

Show Host and Producer

Christopher Fasano is a Ph.D. trained neuroscientist with a passion for promoting the positive effects of communication on brain development and mental health.  After spending years researching how stressors affect brain development, Dr. Fasano has a unique perspective on the mental stress young children feel as they grow up, and blends his scientific knowledge with parenting experience to have meaningful discussions on topics relevant to children, their parents, and educators. 

Like many of us, Dr. Fasano is alarmed by the rise of mental health issues amongst our children, and their families, and hopes to provide a resource and point of discussion as to how we can raise more mentally strong children. Dr. Fasano has years of experience hosting podcasts, and utilizes an engaging communication style to entertain and educate listeners.  

Join us on our quest to as we talk about ways to provide Better Mental Health For Kids and Parents.