Month: May 2019

Episode 31 “Grudges Will Kill You”

Grudges will kill you and I wish I was joking. Research has shown that people who hold grudges are more likely to suffer from an adverse cardiovascular event and are at more risk for heart disease. And in addition to this lovely fact, on the way to this accelerated death because of the grudge you hold, your mental health is in ruins dealing with the ongoing onslaught of up and downs the grudge brings with it. On today’s episode we discuss how grudges affect our health, ways we can prevent holding a grudge, and an interesting way to get rid of a grudge we hold.

Episode 30 “Ask These Questions”

Over the past few weeks I have listened to your questions and in Episode 30 I discuss one of the most frequently asked…How do I know when my kid is having a problem?   Join me as I discuss an article that lists the 14 questions to ask our kids… many of these can apply to adults as well.  Enjoy!

In this episode we discuss the following article

Episode 29 “Too Soft”

A high school in Ohio just announced it will be removing the valedictorian and salutatorian awards from graduations as part of their overall effort to improve student wellness. Rather then use these labels, the school is moving to a more broader based award system, similar to colleges, that award multiple students, rather than 2, based off their GPA. This announcement received some strong reaction from both sides of the argument, including professional football player from Ohio Baker Mayfield who went to social media to proclaim “People are too soft?” Are we too soft? What do you think about this move? Are we being too soft in an effort to make our kids more mentally strong? Lets talk about it today on Episode 29, “Too Soft”.

Episode 28 “Feel Your Way”

It is OK to not be OK…and that is what we discuss on Episode 28. Our title is taken from a recent campaign by Burger King to push this same narrative during Mental Health Awareness month offering new boxed meals available in a wide range of feelings. As they put it, sometimes, we’re not happy, and deserve a meal that’s not “happy”. Join me as we discuss ways to be more comfortable being uncomfortable on today’s show.

On this show we discuss this article.

Here is the link to the Burger King Ad.