Month: January 2019

Episode 14 “Are Schools Pushers?”

Classrooms have begun to look more like a Best Buy story than a school nowadays. With TVs, and Chromebooks, and tablets everywhere, why are schools pushing so much technology at younger and younger grade levels? And how is it hurting or helping kids? Did you know that technology activates some of the same centers in the brain as drugs do? So every time we watch TV, or use our phone, our brain is creating a reward so that we always seek this 3 dimensional, bright, highly dynamic, button pressing, feed scrolling behavior. And because a child’s brain is more plastic and less experienced, these behaviors and rewards are heightened, and is laying the ground work for an addiction…that is, a brain wiring to constantly seek technology. On today’s show I talk about this topic and in particular what the research is saying about how this technology push is helping or hurting our kids. We discuss the difference between preparing kids for a world of technology, versus immersing them in it and where this mandate for technology is coming from.

*The article written by Eliane Glaser mentioned in this podcast can be found here.

Episode 13 “Emotional Toolbox”

All kids know that when they have a cut or a bruise they can go to the nurse for a band aid located in a first aid kit. But what about when they are feeling down, sad, anxious, or depressed? Is there a first aid kid to handle this? Is there an emotional toolbox available to them help through their struggle? All humans should have their own emotional toolbox and we should she be teaching children from a young age how to fill this toolbox up with all of the tools they will need to handle life’s struggles. What are some of those tools? Join us for today’s episode as we discuss just this.

Episode 12: “Pet Benefits”

Pet’s have been apart of the family unit for roughly 11,000 years with obvious and known accounts of how pets can increase happiness and the disposition of all family members. In addition to these accounts, research has been performed asking if owning a pet can have a positive affect on children’s mental health and overall being, and today on Episode 12 we discuss some of these results. Among the numerous benefits cited, there are some caveats and I discuss them as well, but the overwhelming majority of studies suggest owning a pet can be beneficial to children’s overall wellness and mental state. Enjoy!

Episode 11: “Discipline Dont’s”

Disciplining children is one of the most researched and sought out topics by parents looking for better ways to teach right from wrong. Over the course of time, parents are now less inclined to use physical punishment on their children, but yelling has remained a routine method of discipline in the household today. Recently the American Academy of Pediatrics released a new policy outlining the dangers both physical and mental these types of adversive discipline techniques can have on children. In today’s episode I talk about this new policy and outline some alternative discipline strategies that can be used for both short term behavior and long term mental benefit. Enjoy!